Program Overview

The Caribbean Computing Center for Excellence (CCCE) is an Alliance of institutions and community-based organizations designed to impact and support Hispanic Americans in Puerto Rico and African Americans in the U.S. Virgin Islands pursuing BS and graduate degrees in computer-related fields.

Our scholars will develop the knowledge and tools to become competitive in computer-related fields as well as have the opportunity to participate in research internships at prestigious universities and institutions in the US mainland and abroad, supported by mentors and scientists with extensive educational and academic experience.

The primary goals of the CCCE Alliance are:

  1. Reach and impact economically disadvantaged citizens.
  2. Increase recruitment of bridge school seniors in computing fields through hands-on research experiences at university settings.
  3. Provide professional training in computing to in-service science, computers, and math public and private high school teachers.
  4. Provide research experiences in computing to undergraduates and graduates.
  5. Increase the number of graduate students in computing fields and transfer 40% of BS graduates impacted by this program to attend graduate school.




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