MIT Haystack Observatory

Four pre-college students from the Saturday Academy participated in a summer internship program at the MIT Haystack Observatory.

Student Name
Student's School
Research Project
Jenipher Gonzalez
Caguas' Baptist School
Bill Rideout & Phil Erickson
"Improvements of the Madrigal Database."
Ramon Montalvo
University Gardens High School
Larisa Goncharenko & Phil Erickson
"Relationship between Stratospheric and Ionospheric Disturbances."
Damarys Ramos
Barbara Ann Roessler Academy
Shunrong Zhang & Antea Coster
"Solar Flares and Earth's Upper Atmosphere."
Ediel Corujo
Antilles Military Academy
Robert Schaefer & Phil Erickson
"Ionospheric Radar Experiment Scenario Testing"



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