Summer Research Essay Guidelines

Place a header that includes:

  1. Your name
  2. Summer Research Essay
  3. Place (Where you want to go on the internship)
  4. Name of your Saturday Academy site and mentor

Guideline to the essay:

  1. First Paragraph - Give an introduction on your interest in going to an internship and what you expect.

  2. Second Paragraph - Explain your research area of intenterest, past research experiences (if any), how do you think the internship would enrich your knowledge and enhance your academic track, and finally why do you think you would be the ideal candidate for a summer internship.

  3. Third Paragraph - Give your final assesment of how you intend to make a difference with the knowledge you acquire from this experience.

Very important to verify your work. Use the Spell Check feature on your word processor and make sure somebody reads it and give you feedback before you submit it.

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